…is a question I heard from a small motel operator at a place I stayed. He mentioned this to me regarding his digital marketing; namely his website and social media marketing program.

He was stating the difficulty in finding resources to manage his website in particular and also which social media channel would best serve his goals and aspirations.

How a Google search can help

Let’s face it, in today’s digital landscape business owners and consumer turn to doing a Google search to solve a business problem or make a purchase decision. The search results based on a question that is asked will reveal numerous SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) from which to look at. Typically, few people scroll past the first past of results.Trust. A way to find resources for your business in the digital marketing age.The Marketing Engineer Blog.

Then it is up to the person to look at the results and the various components to make a decision on what to look at. These components include:

  1. The Page TITLE

For a closer look at these two SEO factors Read How to help get your website more visibility through SEO a post I recently wrote.

These two factors show up in a search result and if a business owner and his or her webmaster have carefully crafted them, the search engine will return the right page for the searcher.

The Landing Page

Then the content on the landing page will not only help the page land in the results, it should further help the searcher to find the solution to their problem.

Building a Relationship starts with Familiarity

In the days of traditional media, familiarity was formed by pounding the sales message into the minds of the prospect. Traditional media was and still is about reach and frequency. How many times the message is received and to the specific target audience.

Today, with the effectiveness of traditional media in decline, your prospects are turning to conducting searches, reading reviews and social media to understand you. Video is one of the best ways in building familiarity.

Using YouTube

By far the best way to get video put up on the web is through YouTube. Not only can you effectively brand yourself here, you can share the clips you upload, just about anywhere. There are Four key areas in a
video to optimize. You can read them in my post about Optimizing a YouTube Video.

Just like regular television, a video will introduce yourself to your prospect and also have the power to make you a SME (Subject Matter Expert). The Familiarity factor is one of the biggest advantages here. I suggest you always place a short 60-90 second clip on your home page welcoming prospects and telling them a little bit more about you and your business.

Check out Reviews and Recommendations

Yeah, the ones on the website are generally controlled and selected by the business. Those are good to read, but the ones that appear on other sites are just as important, even more so. Those tend to be non-filtered. Look and see if the business responded to any of the reviews; both good and bad reviews. This will give you yet another look at the business. Are they real and is there a human behind the business providing great customer service.

When you are considering contacting a business another vetting practice would be to ask for a list of current businesses they have as clients and then contact them to see how they like the work.

Who Can You Trust with your Digital Marketing Program?

I hope you realize by now that I can be trusted, but then don’t take my word for it. Check me out as well.

After you do, then contact me and we can talk about how I can help your business grow more customers in the digital age.