WordPress Freedom Solution

WordPress® Freedom™ program, frees yoWordPress CMS website Design servicesu to concentrate on your business by performing routine maintenance on your WordPress based website. The cost to Repair a Hacked website can run into the thousands of dollars. Wordfence, a WordPress Security Plugin, recently posted on their blog the average cost to repair a hacked website exceeds $2,400.  This does not include the potential damage to your businesses reputation should a website visitor download malware or spyware from your hacked website.

Everyday hackers are trying to access WordPress based websites and hackers know the standard way to access your dashboard portal page.

WordPress has three significant areas that require routine maintenance or updates:

  1. WordPress – the engine of your website
  2. Theme – the body of your website
  3. Plugins – the features of your website

The Danger for Your Business

Webshacked wordpress website symbol. Don't let your WordPress website get hacked.ites that are not kept up-to-date risk hackers gaining a back-door pathway to load malicious software or spyware onto your website/server. This can open a huge risk to your business.

WordPress Freedom provides the following benefits:

  • FREE to Run Your Business. Monthly updates and zero-day threat updates as needed.
  • FREE Plugin Repairs. Plugins that break due to an update, a new one will be found to restore functionality at no additional charge.
  • FREE Security features. Security features added to your website to add additional protection.
  • FREE Backups of your website. Backups performed before each update.
  • FREE Security Reports. Updates on how well the tools installed are working. Should there be an attack during the month, we jump on the site and begin blocking action and updates to further secure the site.
  • FREE Zero Day Updates. If there is an update that need to be made ASAP for security reasons, to anything on your website for which we receive an alert, we will access your website and perform the update; WordPress, Theme, and plugins.

No solution is 100% fool-proof and hackers are constantly changing tactics. On-Q Marketing makes every attempt to keep up with any new tactics hackers employ.

We offer month-to-month program, no long term contracts.

Call (402) 953-2340 if you have any questions or would like to start gaining more time and freedom to run your business.