What We Do

On-Q Marketing 

I understand that many small businesses cannot afford a full-time marketing person or department.

I can help you out when you need the help on a project basis. Many agencies like to place businesses on a monthly professional service fee or “retainer.”  That is great for them as it means monthly income always coming their way.  The disadvantage is you need to make sure you engage their services for the hours contracted for, or they get the benefit of your money without doing anything for it.

I work on a project basis, you only pay for what you want and get what you pay for.  Your investment goes a lot further.

Contact me today to find out how On-Q Marketing can be your On-Demand Marketing Department.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is not going away anytime soon. Surrounding your prospect and exposing them to your brand message from as many sources as within your budget, is still a sound marketing strategy.

Though the Marketing Alliance we partner with some of the best Traditional Marketing firms in the Omaha area. Traditional marketing is about influence and brand awareness. Digital marketing does not replace traditional, but serves as a partner with traditional.

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Outdoor
  • Public Relations
  • Direct Mail

What has changed is that traditional forms of marketing are not delivering the same results as in the past. People have changed how they making buying decisions or solve business problems. That is where Inbound Marketing strategy is important and growing more so everyday. I partner with several marketers locally to tap into their specialties to roudn out a marketing program.

Inbound / Digital Marketing

Inbound / Digital Marketing employs SEO improvement and other  tactics tailored for your business in a strategy that helps your business gain exposure through web activities. Getting found on the first page of organic results (those ten that are not paid ads) is key to generating leads online. I can help, the tactics I build into a strategy just for you include:

  • Web Sites, navigation designed around solutions and not products and services
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media channel optimization
  • Blogging
  • Landing Pages for your web site
  • Lead Generation through traditional and non-traditional tactics

Analytics for your web site to monitor where your prospects are coming from and how they arrived there

Since every business is different what tactics will be used as part of an overall marketing strategy will be different for each business. We can certainly help most businesses, but we will also tell you if we cannot and perhaps offer suggestions as to who might be able to help.

On-Q Marketing offers a free consultation to help you with your marketing problem. Contact us today.