LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site on the Internet. It continually evolves and offers new tools for any business to use. 

Some time ago, LinkedIn added a new feature to the Company description page that offers you the opportunity to promote Products or LinkedInServices (P&S) for your business. 

Neat idea, but if you know me I care little about products and services ,nor should you.  The only people that really care about your company’s products and services are you and your employees. 

Now before you go and write me off as some sort of crackpot, really think about it?  Does  anyone outside of your company really care about your products and services?  The Answer should be NO!

Prospects and Buyers care about solutions to problems and that is how you should approach using LinkedIn’s  P&S feature on your company profile.  Put solutions to the problems that your products and services can solve on that page.  Use the problem in the title and further explain how your business can help solve that problem and yes it is through the products and services you provide.  Pack the title and description full of keywords that buyers use when conducting a search to solve their problem.

An example is what I just did when I create this new service on my LinkedIn company profile. Unfortunately you are limited by LinkedIn’s limited traditional thinking that you just want to list products and services, so choose the area that works the best for you. In my case I selected a service, but I did not create separate listings for the various tactics I can execute, rather I created a service that solves a problem through those tactics. My listing promote this solution, “Helping business get found on the web.”

If you don’t like what you have done you can always change it and modify it.  In fact I will be updating my “service” in time to add other enhancements like a link to a YouTube video.  The cross linking will only help my overall search engine results as well.

Another benefit is whenever you make a change to your company page, another activity is logged on your LinkedIn profile and your network gets pinged with the update.  How cool is that?

Bottom line, promote solutions and not Products and Services and you will be miles ahead of the competition.  After all your competition will still be stuck still selling products and services while you have the solutions to prospects problems, generating new leads as your company will gain new organic search results.

Let me know if you need any help crafting copy for your LinkedIn Company profile page.

Now let me know what do you think?

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