We all love people that provide praise and here are just a few.

Jeff Quandt has put together a marketing plan that has done wonders for my business.  His knowledge in getting my company more visible on the web is worth many times what he charges. If you are looking to move your company’s online visibility to a higher level, you need to contact Jeff with On-Q Marketing, and then “hold on” for the change and prospects contacting you.

Gary Rumbaugh, Client

You were one of the “best employees I ever hired as store manager. I always felt that I had missed a great opportunity when I failed to convince you to stay with Walgreens as a career.”  MORE

Dave Bernauer, Chairman, Walgreens (2003-2007)

Jeff has remarkable marketing and event coordination skills. MORE

Doug Sasse, Technical Writer

I have known Jeff Quandt for almost 15 years. He worked directly for me as my Director of Marketing for over 10 of those years and has done free-lance marketing for me during the past 18 months. Jeff’s creativity, work ethic and incredible versatility made him an extremely valuable contributor in that role. In addition, his excellent attention to detail was particularly important in meeting deadlines, completing projects and minimizing my time to manage those activities.



Mike Reynolds, SVP Sales, DMP Payment Systems

As a member of the Omaha Career Networking Support Group (OCNSG), I thought I knew all I needed about LinkedIn.  I had filled out my Profile, entered my Resume, made a few Contacts, joined a few Groups, etc.  One night, Jeff Quandt made a presentation about LinkedIn to the OCNSG.  I learned a great deal.  Jeff offered to meet with any members individually to discuss LinkedIn.  I took him up on his offer.  Several weeks later, Jeff and I met for two plus hours reviewing the fine points of LinkedIn.  It was time well spent.  Now I have a better understanding of LinkedIn as a social media tool.  It can be very valuable in networking, job hunting, getting your name in front of recruiters, finding the hiring manager at potential employers, etc.  I encourage all OCNSG members (and non-members) to spend time with Jeff Quandt.  You will benefit from it

Gary Coleman, Marketer

Do you want your entity to grow?  Then Jeff will make it so! How? By adding the “Wow.”
Jeff is a “results guy” for your organization because he knows how to bring you and your customer together. He’ll capture customers who don’t know you yet (the searchers) and endear you to those who already know you.
He’ll master your firm’s digital imprint for fun and profit by bringing in  video, mobile, blogs, brochures, optimization, YouTube, Facebook, and a host of other tools. Call it confluence. Call it influence. Call it profitable.  Or, just call it “Wow.”

Paul David Madson, Recruiter & Author