Here’s a link to a free ebook from one of my favorite marketers that I follow – Seth Godin.

Seth’s Blog: What Matters Now: get the free ebook

Really some thoughtful insight into what really matters now, during this slow economic period and what will help you and your company when things pick up.

Think of all the things you wish to accomplish and start working on them  Do not let anything hold you back. 

Of course what is running rampant at this time is “FEAR”  – keeping you from achieving success.

Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear that you will be rejected, fear, fear and more fear.

FDR, not one of my favorite presidents, did have something right during the Great Depression and that is the “the only thing we need to fear, is fear itself.” 

So go ahead, get in the game, start that project, go after that sale, start that new business venture, read this free ebook.

Ignite that passion that drives you to the next level.