I thought of naming this post something like:

Why do businesses grab at straws to improve SEO?

Some businesses are looking for immediate results once their website has been optimized. Look, the latest shiny thing to boost your SEO! They might expect overnight success.  It takes longer than that and it takes work as well.


Henry Cele playing the role of Shaka Zulu in the 1986 TV series.

Look, the latest shiny thing to boost your SEO!

They try one tactic and it doesn’t work, so they jump to the next and that doesn’t work and then they look at the next “shiny thing” (the 1986 TV Mini Series Shaka Zulu). AND if that doesn’t work… Sometimes they just pick the wrong thing.

As my dad would like to say, “Some companies that are out there are just attempting to separate you from your money.“ You need to know that most media sales companies are also selling what they claim to be SEO services. They say they can help get you website on the first page of results as long as you advertise on their websites.  Well, media sites are truly high value sites for SEO, but your ad is not linked using your URL back to your website.  It goes through their tracking system. Yes, there is a lot of traffic on media sites, but the ads may not be as effective as you may wish. Media sites still are not that much different than the traditional media channel they are; radio, television, print. I am not saying that is bad.  I am just saying their primary goal is to sell space and time. You have to realize what they do is all about “reach” and “frequency” not Search Engine Optimization.

Getting your website optimized is the first step. The hard work begins with optimizing off-page SEO targets like social media, directories, review sites and the like. Then there is publishing content, like blog posts.  You need to publish keyword rich content around the content that people are searching on. We provide our clients a list of their keywords and monthly search volumes.  This way new content surround important keywords can be created and published when your prospects are out in the market, conducting Google Searches. You publish great content when people are searching, Google is more apt to include your new content in search results.

There is still more to SEOOn-Q Marketing website hub of your digital marketing program.

On-Page, Off-Page, SEO and a good back linking strategy will all help improve your website ranking with any search engine.  Keeping your website on the top of search results takes constant involvement.  The days of creating a website as your online brochure are over. Your website is the hub of your online digital marketing program.