Perhaps.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I am Microsoft centric.  On the four PCs in my house – two desktops, a laptop, and a netbook – I use Windows 7 (Ultimate, Professional, and Starter) on three of them and Win XP media center on a desktop unit I use as a DVR.  I also pack an HTC Touch Pro mobile phone and eagerly await the arrival of the new Windows 7 mobile phone.Office2010

Well, I have been running the Beta Version of Office 2010 on my laptop and Netbook for some time.  I have to say it is an improvement over Office 2007… except in one area.

That one area is where I count on Office the most, for my business; Outlook with Business Contact Manager (BCM).  

I have been using Outlook with BCM as my CRM tool since Office 2003; now using Outlook 2007 with BCM. I have come to count on it as a great way to track my work and conversations with my clients.

Recently I began to follow Office 2010 on Facebook and LinkedIn to see if I could find out if BCM is going to be available, as it has been in the past for us sole proprietors that rely on this CRM tool.  That was after I searched for answers on the Microsoft web site and could not find one.

It seems that Microsoft will only be offering BCM with its volume licensing program where a business would need to purchase FIVE or more licenses.  Well that program does not fit my business model.

Maybe I represent a very small persona for this product, but I am finding out I am not alone.

Let’s see what we can do to convince Microsoft that they need to make this tool available for single user shops.  Join the Office Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, join the LinkedIn Group and let Microsoft know what you think.

I may not be upgrading to Office 2010 since what I consider an important tool will not be available for me.  Let’s see if a groundswell of opinion can sway the giant in Redmond.

UPDATE: June 30, 2010.  I did bit the bullet and upgrade to Office 2010, I just can’t resist sometimes the call of new technology.  Anyway, much to my surprise, as part of my download upgrade from Office 2007,  there was a Link to Business Contact Manager.   Looks like Microsoft did not forget about us single users afterall.  I just wish someone in the Microsoft Facebook, LinkedIn, and the Microsoft Office Community Groups would have known BCM would have been available as a download for single users.  All I got from them was, doesn’t look like it, or no response to my inquiries. That could be a topic for another post – “Putting the right people on the Social Media frontlines.”

I got it installed and it is very cool. I am still exploring the new features and will write a post on my thoughts on BCM and Office 2010 package soon. 

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