YouTube  logo - optimizing a YouTube VideoDid you know that YouTube is owned by Google and if YouTube were a search engine, it would be the second largest search engine after Google itself?  It is important to not only use YouTube as an Off-Page SEO source, your channel and videos should also be optimized.

Video is a great tool to share information with prospects and build familiarity between your prospects and your business.  This should be your first Goal; building familiarity.  This will help foster a stronger relationship and a long-term customer.

Other goals include:

  1. LIKES, having someone Like your video.
  2. SHARES, when someone Likes and Shares your video, it reaches a larger target market.
  3. COMMENT, when they leave a comment, it is an opportunity for you to engage in a conversation, not only between that one individual, but all that will see that comment in the future and this person’s network as well.
  4. CLICKS, Yes, you can include active links to a landing page in the video which someone can click on. Now, just don’t overdo it.

You can share and embed videos in social media and your website. All are ways to expand visibility.

Now, optimizing a video will help that video turn up in a search as well. This is called OFF-Page SEO; anywhere you can optimize your digital marketing outside of your website.  Optimizing your website is called ON-Page SEO.

When I started my business I did shoot several videos for a friend that was in the adventure travel business.  I called it backpacking with style as it did require hiking and backpacking, but you stayin a cabin versus a tent. He wanted to share what he knew about winter sports regarding snowshoeing. We shot two videos over a couple of weekends to help people select the right snowshoe and also proper use snowshoes. Both of these videos were optimized for the target market and within weeks, they would turn up in the top 1- of search results on Google and also on YouTube. Click on the video to watch one of these on my channel. No remember it was one of my first and being outdoors there were some unexpected wind noise issues.

The results of these two videos were tens of thousands of views, hundreds of shares. He did see some increase in leads, but there were other issues with his business which eventually folded.

Here are four areas in which to Optimize a YouTube video

The Title of the video

Just like a headline to a story, this needs to contain important keywords for the Search Engine and YouTube to index. Keep your headline under 55 characters for best results.

The Description or content

This is a block of text where you can explain what is in the video and where you can insert the same keywords that prospects may use in order to find the video in search results.


When you upload a video to YouTube you get the opportunity to add TAGS or keyword phrases to help the video to be indexed.

Closed Captioning

This final area is one that is most often overlooked. Once your video is uploaded to YouTube, any spoken word will get converted to text for closed captioning. Now the process is not 100% accurate, so someone will need to review and edit the closed caption file and then save the corrected version. I also recommend in this process to hide the automatic transcription to avoid it being selected by the end user.

One more thing

Also make sure your settings for the type of video you are uploading is properly selected.  YouTube gives a limited number of choices, so select the best one that fits your business and the content of the clip itself.

Optimizing a video, will increase its likelihood in being found in a Google or YouTube search.  It can then be shared across your On-Page and Off-Page SEO landscape.

If you have any questions, just contact me.