How to improve your Facebook page Organic Reach

Ever wonder why your Facebook posts are being seen by fewer and fewer people that LIKE your page? This is know as Organic Reach.  Your post updates (content) on your page and you see that fewer and fewer people are seeing your updates.

Facebook is cutting the effectiveness of Organic Reach on purpose.  They basically want you to BOOST your posts by buying ads to reach the people that LIKE your page.

So Facebook wants to charge you for creating content and YouTube will pay you for creating content.  Two different business models, but that is not the reason for this article.

To improve the likelihood of your fans to see your posts send them an email or message inside Facebook to Go to the drop down arrow on LIKED and clickGet Notifications” as indicated in the photo above. Send an image like above to your email list, even if everyone on your list is not already a fan of your Facebook Page.  Include a message about why someone should LIKE your page and also how they can get notifications.

Another Tip to Improve Organic Reach

For your Facebook fans to continue getting updates from you, make sure they understand that by staying involved in your page through LIKES and COMMENTS Facebook will see they are actively interested in your content and will provide them updates from your page.

Social Media is Constantly Changing

New Look coming for your Facebook Page

Now understand that Social media is always fluid and ever changing and Facebook is no different.  They just announced another big change taking place in their page set up and information on that can be found here.

From the information I have read and from the images I have seen I am not sure the tactic of getting your fans to select “Get Notifications” will remain after the update.  I will keep you posted on any updates.