A friend of mine recently showed me that his company had a Facebook page and said it did not seem to be delivering results.  The company is a technology company that sells to other companies; B2B marketing. You can read about what I think about B2B companies using Facebook in my previous post.

Well, for some reason, not due to any sound research, the company decided to Social media marketing post creationlaunch a Facebook Page.  That page is not building any conversations or people who LIKE that page.  In fact the single digit number of people who LIKE this page does not even allude to having employees and their families as part of the base.

I did a search on Facebook for the page and could not find it. I then went to the web site and found the “Follow Us on Facebook” button.  This is good that it was on the Home page of the web site.  What I found when clicking it was not good.

Clicking on the button certainly brought me to the Facebook Page, but not to the WALL or to a custom WELCOME screen, rather I landed on INFO.  Not good, there is nothing on the INFO section of the page that I did not already know and seldom is there any new information on INFO. Why not take me to the WALL to see the latest posts or to a custom iframe WELCOME screen?

I then went to the WALL and low and behold, there was nothing there outside of the few updates that were made to the INFO section.

Here’s the TIP of the Day.

When you venture into Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like, build the page, brand it properly and POPULATE WITH CONTENT, before you invite the world to FOLLOW you on this tool.  Think of the people who did what I did with this company’s venture into FACEBOOK. There was absolutely no reason to click on LIKE once I got there.  It is no mystery as to why their Facebook page is not effective.