I ran across this store along Kuhio Street in Waikiki, Hawaii the other day and thought of how so many companies send out their marketing messages based on what they think their buyers and customers think they want…not what they they actually “know” about their buyers or customers.

Sending out marketing messages without understanding the “problems” buyers are trying to solve will not deliver the results you expect to receive.  Buyers that receive your messages will think you may not offer them the “solution” they are seeking, when in fact you do.

In today’s marketing landscape, you really need to fully understand and engage with buyers and customers to understand what they are looking for. That does take some time to do the research required to gather what is known as Buyer Personas.

Several years ago, I myself would be creating messages, placing them in trade magazines and direct mail pieces, by using my best guess as to what buyers were looking for. Trouble is this wastes time and resources promoting what I thought and not what they really are looking for to solve their problems.  I would have much better invested a little time and effort up front to really hone into buyers’ needs and then crafted the messaging accordingly.

Companies that take the time to create Buyer personas, will be rewarded greatly over the competition that doesn’t take the time and effort to build personas.