Recently while in Hawaii celebrating a wedding anniversary with my better three-quarters, we did the obligatory touristy trips.  Since this was our first trip to the 50th state so we just had to do a Pearl Harbor Trip which included a visit to the Arizona Memorial and a tour of the Battleship Missouri; the start and end of the U.S. involvement in WWII. 

During the below decks tour I ran across the machine shop.  Massive tools for a massive ship.  I stopped to wonder about my uncle that served as a mechanic in the Navy during the 1930s and how he might have used such tools.  I also spotted what looked like a 5 inch diameter drill pictured here and paused to consider how many times companies today are out selling the drill instead of the hole that it makes.

Really, your customers and prospects are searching the Internet more and more, turning away from traditional media (that’s a topic for another post) to solve problemsnot buy your products and services. 

Start selling the “holes” – the solutions your company offers – and not the “drill bits” – the products and services – and you will go a lot further in this tough economy to meet your sales goals.