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WordPress 5.0 has launched today, December 6, 2018.

It has a new editor called Gutenberg and other under the hood enhancements.

More than 30% of all websites run on WordPress, some hosting services and some sites will automatically update to the new version.

For most websites, this will not be an issue. Still there can be some severe negative impacts if you are not ready for them.

Is Your Website Ready for WordPress 5.0?

Here are things you need to do NOW to be ready for this major WordPress update:

Plugins and Theme up to date

Themes and plugins have been getting ready for this update by making changes to their code so they will be compatible to this new CORE.

If you have a WordPress based website and have not kept your theme and Plugins updated, you need to get out to your website dashboard and get this done ASAP.

The process I would recommend is to do a backup of your entire website, then do updates one at a time, check if there is any impact on the site, do a backup, and repeat doing another update until you are done.  They do another complete backup including WordPress core (4.9.8, which should be the current version of the core).

Is your websever ready for WordPress 5.0?

WordPress 5.0 will run only on webservers that are using PHP version 7.0 or higher.

The clients that trust me to update and maintain their websites, know I have already checked this out for them.  I either have not had to do anything, or I have moved the server language, after verifying there would be no negative impact, to a higher version of PHP. most often PHP 7.3; which may also speed up your webserver page delivery and page loads for your users.

Do you want to try the Gutenberg Editor?

You may want to try the new Gutenberg editor.  It  is based on blocks that you can add. It will look a lot different and may take some getting used to, but can add new functionality you do not have with your current theme.

If you are happy with the standard editor, add the Classic Editor plugin and activate it.

After getting your plugins and theme updated, site backed up, then and only then do I recommend updating to WordPress 5.0.

You can read more tips on WordPress 5.0: How and When to Update by the security tool I trust and use the most Wordfence.