When creating a post for social media or a blog you need to remember the three basic things you want your post to do:

  1. Arouse Interest
  2. Create Desire
  3. Motivate Action

This is basic Marketing 101 stuff.

I am probably as guilty as some others that post updates to social media, but crafting a good headline is really critical if you want someone to read what you have written.

1. Arouse Interest

The Arouse Interest is pretty basic, it is to grab attention.  The headline is critical here as it should spark strong interest.  Numbered lists, like in my headline are great as if the list if a short one, people will want to know what those three items are. Don’t create a list of 100 things, as virtually no one will read it. Adding a graphic also helps attract attention.

2. Create Desire

Like my list the says, there are “3 Things you Need…” which raises a question in the mind fo the reader, “what are those three things?”

3. Motivating Action

The first two points should help stimulate the third…and that is to motive the reader to want to know more and click the link to read the story.

Write a Good Headline so People Will Want to Read the Rest of the Story…

A Real World Example. This is a more of an example of a post that could be better.  I captured the image below from my LinkedIn update stream.

LeaseTeam LinkedIn Career Posting.

I follow LeaseTeam as I once applied for the Director of Marketing position there.  I was not the successful candidate, but I follow the company and only lately have they begun to see the light in social media posting (the winning candidate was a traditional marketer, I was traditional, but migrating quickly toward digital marketing). Here on a company page update they hang out the Help Wanted sign.

OK so they are looking for job candidates.  Could this update have been more effective?  How about writing a headline that they are looking for “Quality Assurance Engineer”? Much more targeted and they might get a few clicks or shares with people interested in this position. It would take more work to list each position as an update, but would that also not be a better tactic?

They just used the standard “Are you looking for…”  But then they add the “industry leading software provider” gobbledygook BS like isn’t every software company an “industry leading software provider???  Apparently their marketing department hasn’t read David Meerman Scott’s Gobbledygook Manifesto. It was written in 2007, but is still very valid today, especially for software companies.

So in the future, make sure you craft a great headline for your social media updates so your prospects will want to read and become engaged in what you have to say. Also remember the main goal of social media posting is to start and engage in a conversation; helping to build stronger relationships.

You can read additional tips about starting group discussions on LinkedIn in the post I wrote in 2014; Guidelines to Submit Posts for LI Group Discussions, Promotions and Jobs.